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April 2023

5 Ways to Reuse Your GOOD GOOD Jars

Happy Earth Week! You already know we’re in the business of making better-for-you pantry staples that cut out added sugar and give you all-natural alternatives that taste good and are good for you. But did you know we’re not only on a mission to make our people healthier but also our planet? Last year, we cut out all plastic from our packaging, this year, we’re implementing our first official sustainability initiative, and today, we’re sharing five of our favorite ways to reuse your GOOD GOOD jars!


Overnight Oats

We all know and love overnight oats--they’re quick, easy, and perfect for a healthy on-the-go breakfast. Mason jars are a fan-favorite for overnight oats, but did you know that you can make overnight oats in any container with an air-tight lid (aka your GOOD GOOD jars)? So, don’t go out and purchase new mason jars to make your overnight oats; use your old GOOD GOOD jars (plus our jar openings are wider than a mason jar, meaning it’s easier to mix your oats and grab a nice, heaping spoonful!).


Pro Tip: If your Peanut Butter or Jam jars are nearly empty, don’t scrape out or discard the remaining product along the sides. Instead, make your oats right inside to make the most of your leftover jam, jelly, or peanut butter!



 Making a terrarium is easier to make and requires less maintenance than you think! Jar terrariums make wonderful conversation pieces as they’re easy to customize and make your own, gifts for the plant-person in your life, or rainy-day activities as they are relaxing, easy, and fun to make. Pro Tip: You can add cacti or succulents to your terrarium, and if you do, be sure to add more soil and pebbles to your jar. This will ensure your plant sits higher up in the jar and receives enough air circulation, especially if it’s in direct sunlight.


Make a Rhinestone Vase

We like to think our packaging is pretty cool (we hope you think so too!). So, we would highly recommend going crazy bedazzling the jam jar with your favorite color palette! Then, once your piece is finished, you can use it as a vase for flowers or other small, slow-growing plants, on a desk to hold pens and pencils, or as a happiness jar to store your favorite trinkets and knickknacks.  


DIY Candle

Upcycle your GOOD GOOD jars by making your own DIY candles for every season! Customize this sustainable candle’s scent and color using essential oils and all-natural dyes. Making your own candle is especially great if you’re sensitive to fragrances and certain ingredients since you control what goes into them!


Pro Tip: Use soy wax if you’re concerned about keeping the air in your home as clean as possible.  


Store Your Dry Goods

Glass jars provide proper oxygen and moisture barriers, are durable and reusable, and do NOT leach toxins into your foods, making them the perfect option to store your dry goods. From specialty salts and sugars, seeds, spices, and other dry goods to home-dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you can store nearly anything in your GOOD GOOD jars!


Pro Tip: Lids are most problematic when it comes to bacterial growth, so when you’re prepping your jar for storage, pay extra mind to ensure the lid is squeaky clean and sanitized.


Show us how you reuse your GOOD GOOD jars by taking a photo or video and tagging us on Instagram, @goodgoodbrand!