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Blackcurrant Jam (12oz) - No Added Sugar


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September 2022

No added sugar peanut butter - our latest innovation

This Episode is the second installment of our Podcast journey. Featuring our CEO- Gardar Stefansson, and Jordian Farahani- The Marketing Guy, speaking about GOOD GOOD's latest product innovation! Be sure to check out the show notes on our website, and feel free to send as an email for any questions. OR if you want to be featured on the podcast and have a great story to share we would love for you to connect with us.

We are super excited to bring this innovation to the market! We truly love everything about this product and we hope the community we serve does as well. Made for true peanut butter lovers out there this may be a game changer. Our latest innovation brings you the rich essence of a true Peanut Butter, by definition. This 99% sugar free decadent treat packs a real crunch. Made with 91.2% carefully roasted peanuts (sourced from U.S.A), containing a whopping 84% of GOOD fats (14/17 grams per serving comes from poly-, and monounsaturated fat), added dietary fibers (made from halal chicory root), and uses a sustainable vegetable oil instead of palm oil.

One of our proudest innovations to date, this mouth-watering, rich and decadent nut butter preserves all the things we love about peanut butter, and we hope you do too. An experience we are glad we can share with you.