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 [title] Reforestation Donation by Dollar Donation Club sold by US GOOD GOOD®

$1 Reforestation Donation

We believe that reforestation is crucial for combating climate change and protecting biodiversity. Therefore, we will plant trees in partnership with reputable organizations like Dollar Donation Club to offset our carbon footprint and support local communities.

When you add this donation of $1.00 to your order, we will match your donation to plant 5 trees. Trees that will in turn, change lives. One tree, on average, generates enough oxygen for 10 people annually and absorbs carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to driving 1,000 miles, while also providing habitat for various wildlife species. You will also be helping monocrop farmers transition to agroforestry, which is better for the planet and feed hungry families and even helps alleviate poverty.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives here.
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