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Is Jam Healthy?

is jam healthy

Are you wondering, "Is jam healthy?". Jam can be a healthy snack with the right ingredients and when consumed in moderation. We're here to give you some much needed clarity on how to enjoy all the healthy benefits of jam with none of the bitter side effects.

What this article covers:

What Makes Jam Healthy?

is homemade jam healthy

There are several factors that make jam healthy. Let's find out exactly why this is true.



Ingredients play a key role in whether jam is defined as healthy.

  • Versatile And Delicious: Jam primarily contains fruits, which are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most jams feature a combination of berries, citrus, or other fruits, ensuring a delightful burst of flavor with every spoonful.
  • Nutritional Value: Fruits are packed with essential nutrients. In jams, they bring Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibers, and vital antioxidants. The more fruit-packed the jam, the better the nutritional punch it provides.

Is jelly healthy for you? GOOD GOOD's cherry-flavored sugar free strawberry jam answers this question fully. It's deliciously crafted, meets all the requirements listed above, and is specifically tailored for anyone craving a balanced lifestyle without compromising on flavor.

Is grape jelly healthy? We have an answer for that too, with our delectable sugar free grape jelly. It contains Stevia and Erythritol, which are two natural sweeteners, making it perfect for various diets and lifestyles.

are jams healthy

Health Benefits

Jam has a multitude of health benefits.

  • Supports Immune System: The Vitamin C present in fruit-based jams plays a crucial role in boosting the immune system. Regular intake can fortify the body's defense against common illnesses.
  • Promotes Heart Health: Fruits like berries contain antioxidants and compounds that promote heart health. They can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, minimizing heart disease risk.
  • Weight Management: Fiber-rich jams can promote feelings of fullness, potentially creating a low-calorie treat that aids in weight management.

which is healthier jelly or jam


As healthy as jams can be, they do have some drawbacks. For the little ones, while the best jam for kids is available, always be mindful of sugar content.

  • Added Sugars: Not all jams are created equal. Many generic, store-bought varieties are laden with sugars and preservatives, which diminish their overall nutritional value. Always inspect labels for high fruit content and fewer additives. (Read on for healthy jam alternatives.)
  • Increased Risk Of Obesity: Excessive consumption, especially of jams packed with sugar, can contribute to weight gain. High sugar intake, coupled with low physical activity, can escalate the risk of obesity.

While jam can be a healthy addition to your diet, it's essential to choose the right kind and consume it in moderation. Prioritize fruit-rich, no-added-sugar versions for the best health outcomes.

How to Find Healthier Jams

Why not try the GOOD GOOD sugar free jelly range? We use natural sweeteners like keto pancake syrup or stevia drops, which can give your spreads sweetness without any guilt.

is fruit jam healthy

Make Your Own Jam at Home

Whipping up your own jam gives you full control over the ingredients. After conducting experiments with it, we've discovered that you'll get all the flavor without the unnecessary sugars. And if blacurrant jellies aren't your jam (pun intended), try making a sugar-free orange marmalade.

is jelly or jam healthier

Buy Jams with no Added Sugar

Not all store-bought jams are loaded with sugar. Look for the GOOD GOOD brand that proudly declares "no added sugar" on all our labels. While our jams and jellies may contain naturally occurring sugars from fruits, you won't find any surprise sweeteners or unhealthy additives in our spreads.

is jam or jelly healthier

For instance, finding a a low fat peanut butter ensures you're getting the taste without the extra calories.

Replace Jam with Healthier Spreads

If you're open to straying a bit from traditional jams, there are numerous delicious alternatives. Peanut butter crunchy, with its nutty texture and flavor, is a nutritious option that pairs wonderfully with bread or as a dip. For a tangy twist, our sugar free lemon curd is absolutely delightful.

are jams healthy for me

Looking for something naturally sweet to add to your homemade goods without the nasty sugars? After trying out this product.

Always check ingredients for authenticity and minimal processing. Exploring and embracing these options ensures tasty, nutritious spreads without the extra sugar.

Finding a healthier jam isn't about compromising on taste; it's about making smarter choices. Whether you're handcrafting your jam or scouring store aisles, a world of delicious, sugar-free alternatives awaits. 

is jelly or jam healthy


Is jam healthy? It can definitely be a healthy delight when chosen wisely. At GOOD GOOD, we're leading the sweet revolution with our no sugar added jams. And if you're craving a twist, dive into our delectable chocolate spreads - Choco Hazel and Choco Orange. Sweetness, health, and flavor all in one jar. Choose GOOD GOOD, and savor the difference!

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Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, made in the EU, and named America's fastest-growing jam brand, GOOD GOOD's no added sugar products are sweetening people's days worldwide.
As a modern food brand, we innovate products that comprise high-quality natural ingredients and deliver the modern consumer traditional products they know and love. We aim to provide an experience that tastes good and is good for you. We promise to bring joy to your taste buds with no added sugar.


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