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Best Strawberry Freezer Jam

best strawberry freezer jam

If you're a jam enthusiast, you may have already heard some exciting rumors about the latest trend in jam-making - freezer jam.

In layman's terms, freezer jam is a fresh-tasting, no-cook jam stored in the freezer. Made by mixing crushed fruit, sweeteners, and pectin, it retains a vibrant and natural fruit flavor and soft texture, easily answering the question, ‘Is strawberry jam healthy?'

But what if we told you that you can find the best strawberry freezer jam in GOOD GOOD's range of jams, jellies, preserves, and spreads? And it starts with our keto strawberry jam, which is made with no-added sugar, well-suited to a variety of diets, and can be stored in your freezer for up to a year like regular freezer jam.

In this guide, we'll look at important components found in GOOD GOOD's strawberry jam that make it the ultimate freezer jam and give you some juicy highlights on our other products.

Let's get jamming!

What this article covers:

Strawberry Freezer Jam

You might be wondering what goes into our strawberry jam and how it's made. Well, it's all about the ingredients, taste, serving size, and shelf life.

Let's look at these important components that give GOOD GOOD's keto friendly strawberry jam its uniquely delicious and healthy freezer jam qualities.


Like strawberry freezer jam, our strawberry jam recipe contains ripe strawberries that have been washed, stemmed, and crushed.

Our strawberry utilizes fruit pectin, which aids in giving it the right consistency. This makes it the best strawberry jam recipe with pectin, resulting in a fresh, fruit-forward flavor.

Instead of sugar, we at GOOD GOOD only use natural sugars derived from the fruits we put into our jams and jellies, as well as healthier sugar substitutes like sweet leaf stevia drops and erythritol (made from non-GMO corn) in our strawberry jam.

Our natural sweeteners not only keep the calorie count low but also ensure that you're consuming a product that's as close to nature as possible.

best pectin for freezer jam


Unlike traditional jam making, freezer jam making requires preparing the components separately, such as the strawberries, sugar, and pectin.

We prepare our GOOD GOOD keto-friendly strawberry jam in a similar fashion to preserve the natural taste of the strawberries we utilize in our ingredients.

Preparing our jam using a unique measurement of strawberries, sugar, and pectin is crucial for helping us achieve the right consistency and flavor with our keto strawberry jam.


Like strawberry freezer jam, our keto strawberry jam is then carefully ladled into environmentally friendly, sustainable glass jars and sealed.

Through our trial and error, the longer the shelf life, the fresher the jam will stay over time. A jam with a good shelf life often comes with versatile storage options.

That's why our strawberry jam can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 30 days after opening, but like freezer jam, it can also be frozen for a longer storage period without compromising its quality or taste. And that also makes it the best strawberry jam canning recipe.


As the best strawberry freezer jam recipe out there, we at GOOD GOOD strike the perfect balance between sweetness and fruitiness.

We believe that the best jam starts with the best flavor. Like a typical strawberry freezer jam, our jam is made with real strawberries, which comprise 58% of the total ingredients, as well as carrot and blackcurrant concentrate. This ensures an authentic, full-bodied strawberry flavor that's second to none.

is strawberry jam healthy

Our strawberry jam also contains lemon powder, which enhances the berry's natural tartness and brightness for an authentic, fruit-forward taste and aesthetic.

If you're an avid baker looking for the best jam for cake filling, GOOD GOOD's strawberry jam's rich, authentic flavor and smooth texture make it an excellent choice.

Serving Size

When it comes to choosing the best strawberry freezer jam, serving size is an important factor.

Our findings show that serving size is crucial for two reasons:

  • it helps you manage portion control
  • It helps you accurately gauge the nutritional value you're getting

Our keto-friendly strawberry jam offers a low-calorie, no sugar added option with a serving size of 1 tablespoon, which comes to about 20g per serving, ensuring perfect alignment with various dietary needs.

Ultimately, being aware of serving sizes promotes mindful eating. It encourages you to savor each spoonful, enhancing not just the taste but also the overall eating experience for you and your loved ones.

Best Strawberry Freezer Jam Pairings

While our keto strawberry jam is a freezing fan favorite, GOOD GOOD offers a variety of other jams and spreads that are equally delicious, health-conscious, and have a long shelf-life. Here are some fantastic strawberry freezer jam pairings you can also add to your pantry:

Blackcurrant Jam

If you're looking to switch up the flavors, our blackcurrant jam is a great option. Like our strawberry jam, it's keto-friendly and contains no added sugars. Blackcurrant offers a unique, tangy flavor that pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes.

best strawberry freezer jam recipe

Crunchy And No Added Sugar Peanut Butters

For those who love the classic PB&J combo, why not try our crunchy peanut butter? It's a delightful twist on a classic, offering a crunchy texture that adds an extra layer of yumminess to your sandwiches or snacks.

If you prefer a smoother texture, our creamy peanut butter is the way to go. It's perfect for smoothies, baking, or simply spreading on toast. Like all our products, it's made with health-conscious ingredients, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Belgian Choco Hazel And Orange Spreads

If you're a chocolate lover, our Belgian Choco Hazel and Belgian Choco Orange spreads are a must-try. They're a decadent yet guilt-free option with no added sugar and are vegan-friendly. Spread it on toast, use it as a dip, or incorporate it into your desserts for a rich, chocolaty treat that packs a zesty punch.

Sweet Orange Marmalade Jam

While strawberry freezer jam offers a fresh berry flavor, our 99% sugar free orange marmalade brings a tangy citrus twist to the table.

Both are naturally sweet, but our marmalade is keto-friendly too, utilizing Stevia and Erythritol as sweeteners like our keto strawberry jam. This makes it an excellent choice for diabetics, vegans, and keto dieters.

Sweet Concord Grape Jelly

Our sugar free grape jelly offers a rich, fruity alternative to strawberry freezer jam. Our hearty grape jelly is made with Concord grapes and is a healthy and versatile option for diabetics, keto enthusiasts, and vegans.

what is the best pectin to use for freezer jam

Sugar Free Lemon Curd

Our sugar free lemon curd dessert stands out with its zesty and refreshing flavor, contrasting the sweet profile of strawberry jam. Our delicious lemon curd treat is vegan and made with no-added sugars, making it keto-friendly and gluten-free. It's ideal for a hearty breakfast or as a pastry filling.

While strawberry freezer jam offers a classic berry taste, our GOOD GOOD pairing presents diverse flavors and caters to various dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful taste without health compromises.


While strawberry freezer jam is a fun twist on traditional jam-making - saving you time on preparation and giving you a fruitier taste with a longer shelf-life, it doesn't compare with GOOD GOOD's fruity and flavorful low carb strawberry jam.

After trying out this product, we proudly consider it the best store bought strawberry jam, an excellent freezer jam, and perfect for a keto diet.

With GOOD GOOD, you get meticulous attention to detail, quality, and customer needs. So, what are you waiting for? We invite you to try our 99% sugar free jelly, jam, and spreads today and discover why it's the best and healthiest strawberry freezer jam and beyond. Happy jamming!

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Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, made in the EU, and named America's fastest-growing jam brand, GOOD GOOD's no added sugar products are sweetening people's days worldwide.
As a modern food brand, we innovate products that comprise high-quality natural ingredients and deliver the modern consumer traditional products they know and love. We aim to provide an experience that tastes good and is good for you. We promise to bring joy to your taste buds with no added sugar.


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