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Sugar Free Honey Substitute

sugar free honey substitute

Welcome to GOOD GOOD, where we're all about savoring the sweetness with our sugar free honey substitute collection!

While honey is sweeter and healthier than refined sugar, our “no sugar added” products like Sweet Like Sugar sweetener and vanilla stevia drops are crafted for those who desire an even more robust diet with fewer calories and a unique flavor profile.

These honey alternatives don't just sweeten your meals; they align with your lifestyle, ensuring every spoonful is delicious and nutritious.

In this blog post, we'll help you find the perfect blend of taste and wellness with our top honey replacements.

Let's get started!

What this article covers:

Keto Honey Substitutes

Here, we at GOOD GOOD will introduce you to some of the best keto honey substitutes.

Table: Sugar-Free Substitutes For Honey





Cooking Ratio


  • Thick
  • Sticky
  • 25% sweeter than regular sugar
  • Floral taste
  • Contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Beverages
  • Medicinal
  • ⅔ cup of honey for 1 cup of refined sugar


  • Powder or liquid
  • 200-300 times sweeter than refined sugar
  • Best used in small quantities due to high sweetness
  • Zero calories
  • Evidence of antioxidant and antitumor activity
  • Beverages
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • ⅓ teaspoon of liquid stevia for a ¼ cup of honey


  • Granular which is similar in texture to refined sugar
  • 70% as sweet as processed sugar
  • Very low in calories
  • Non-glycemic
  • Good for baking
  • 1⅓ cups of erythritol for a ¾ cup of honey


  • Powdered, which is similar to processed sugar
  • 70% as sweet as regular sugar
  • Low calorie
  • No impact on blood sugar
  • Good for baking and beverages
  • Might cause upset stomach in large amounts
  • 1⅓ cups of allulose for a ¾ cup of honey

Monk Fruit Sweetener

  • Granular or liquid
  • 150-200 times sweeter than regular sugar
  • Zero calories
  • Non-glycemic
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for baking and beverages
  • Taste may vary
  • 1 teaspoon of monk fruit liquid for a ¾ cup of honey


Derived from the South American Stevia rebaudiana plant, Stevia is a natural sweetener that's non-glycemic, making it an excellent choice for replacing honey. 

Our sweet leaf stevia drops offer a perfect blend of stevia with a hint of vanilla. After trying out this product, it's one of many GOOD GOOD healthy tea sweeteners. It's also ideal for adding a touch of flavor to your coffee, or keto-friendly baked goods.

Stevia is similar to traditional honey in that a little goes a long way when adding it to foods and beverages. But unlike the former, stevia doesn't affect blood sugar levels, ensuring you stay within your carb limits while enjoying a refreshingly sweet taste.

Stevia-Honey Cooking Ratio: Add a ⅓ teaspoon of liquid stevia for a ¼ cup of honey.

Because stevia is infinitely sweeter than both processed sugar and honey combined, we recommend adding a little to homemade recipes first, then testing as you go to gauge your preferred sweetness.


Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that has almost no calories and a glycemic index of zero, making it another fantastic honey substitute for keto enthusiasts.

Take our Sweet Like Sugar Granulated sweetener for instance. Our analysis of this product revealed that it's the healthiest type of sugar for baking, providing a seamless transition for those looking to replace honey in their diet.

Erythritol-Honey Cooking Ratio: Add 1⅓ cups of erythritol for a ¾ cup of honey.

With erythritol's unique properties, you'll add a lot more to your foods and drinks than you would with honey, but without an overpowering sweetness level in comparison, which some might prefer.

artificial sugar


Allulose is a rare sugar found naturally in small quantities in fruits like figs and raisins.

As a sugar replacement that tastes like sugar, it contains only a tenth of the calories of regular sugar and doesn't raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

Allulose-Honey Cooking Ratio: Add 1⅓ cups of allulose for a ¾ cup of honey.

Like erythritol, allulose is similar in its sweetness profile when compared to refined sugar as well as its culinary conversion to honey.

Our research indicates that incorporating allulose into your keto regimen can help you enjoy the flavor you love without the carbs that you don't.

Monk Fruit Sweetener

Monk fruit sweetener, also known as Luo Han Guo, is the best zero calorie sweetener that contains no carbohydrates either, making it suitable for a ketogenic diet.

Monk Fruit Sweetener-Honey Cooking Ratio: Add 1 teaspoon of monk fruit liquid for a ¾ cup of honey.

Like Stevia, monk fruit sweetener is much sweeter than regular sugar. Based on our observations, you'll only need to use a little to replace it with honey in your culinary adventures.

At GOOD GOOD, we're committed to helping you enjoy the sweet life without the sugar. Our range of products can help you discover how easy and delicious a sugar-free life can be.

alternate sugars

What's the Best Sugar Free Substitute for Honey in Baking?

At GOOD GOOD, we believe the best sugar-free substitute for honey in baking is our Sweet Like Sugar Granulated alternate sugars blend.

Crafted for health-conscious bakers, this white sugar alternative mimics the sweetness and texture of honey without the added sugars, making it perfect for your keto or low-sugar recipes.

Another excellent option is our vanilla stevia drops, which provides a sweet, nuanced flavor with zero calories.

After putting them to the test, these alternatives allow you to enjoy your favorite baked goods while easily meeting your wellness goals.


In this blog post, we've revealed stevia and erythritol to be two of the best sugar free honey substitutes to enhance your diet, keeping wellness and sweetness in harmony.

When it comes to natural vs artificial sugar, we're proud to offer natural alternatives that don't just sweeten your meals but also promote a robust lifestyle.

Visit us at GOOD GOOD and take a step towards a healthier, sweeter life with our healthier sugar substitutes today!

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Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, made in the EU, and named America's fastest-growing jam brand, GOOD GOOD's no added sugar products are sweetening people's days worldwide.
As a modern food brand, we innovate products that comprise high-quality natural ingredients and deliver the modern consumer traditional products they know and love. We aim to provide an experience that tastes good and is good for you. We promise to bring joy to your taste buds with no added sugar.


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